Spring Meeting

  May 17th at 4:00 pm/ Gander Mountain.  New members will need to attend and meet the reigning Angler of the Year Champ- Mark Ayers. Touching will cost extra!

2015 Dates and Lakes

2015 Dates and Lakes

  • 5-17-15 Spring Meeting
  • 5-31-15 Lake Leelanau (Narrows)
  • 6-14-15 Lake Skegamog (Baggs)
  • 6-28-15 West Bay (Lee's Point)
  • 7-12-15 Duck Lake
  • 7-26-15 Portage Lake (DNR)
  • 8-9-15 Green Lake
  • 8-23-15 Platte Lake
  • 9-6-15 Hawg Hunt on Lake Leelanau (Open Tournament)
  • 9-13-15 Cherry Capital Invitational
  • 9-20-15 Crystal Lake
  • Classic Championship
  • Mid Mich Bassers- Fall Hawg Hunt

Spring Thaw?

ice fishing.
Hopefully this is coming soon!!

The Reel People

 Time to clean the reels and fix the rods! Mike is ready to make your fishing a little smoother. I've been dropping off my reel at Gander Mountain. Mike has a drop off spot at the back fishing counter. Just tell the guys at the counter, you have a rod and/or reel for Mike. I fill out a card with my name, address and phone number. He calls me when he done and drops off the fixed or cleaned item (Gander Mt.). I mail him a check and that's it. Boom, back on the water!

Simms Nipper

Quit using your teeth to bite through mono and fluorocarbon. It's just a matter of time before your grill starts looking like you brush your teeth with gravel. Keep the diminutive, powerful and convenient Nipper handy and save your smile.